Insurance cover in relation to personal items


Coláiste Chamuis do not provide insurance for students’ personal belongings. Coláiste Chamuis cannot be responsible for the child’s personal property and it is not possible to obtain insurance cover for items such as clothing, make-up/toiletries, jewellery, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. All children will be responsible for their own personal belongings and we suggest that they do not lend them to other children. Coláiste Chamuis advises students to place their names (as declared on their application form) on all property, including all medicines. We do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen property at any stage of the course and are not obliged to retain lost property in any location

Coláiste Chamuis has public liability insurance but it is in the best interests of all students to also have personal accident insurance cover. ‘Pupil Personal Accident Insurance’ may be available through your school.  Students with the 24 Hour option are covered for accidents that might occur in Coláiste Chamuis, that may not, otherwise, be covered.