Teálta vs Halla – differences between the centres/courses

Coláiste Chamuis have two centre’s for the A1 and A2 course and three centre’s for the B and C course. The course curriculum, method of teaching, and standard of housing is the same in all centres – the main difference is the campus locations. Our students stay with local Irish speaking families in the vicinity of An Coláiste in all campus locations (normally 12-16 students in each house).

Ros a’ Mhíl (Halla)
Ros a’ Mhíl (Teálta)
An Tulach

The choice of centre location on the application form is for the benefit of those returning students who may wish to be in same centre, that they are familiar with from their previous courses. This also applies to those whose brothers or sisters might have attended the Coláiste in the past and who wish to return to the same centre that their siblings would have been familiar with in the past.

  • Coláiste Chamuis (An Tulach) 32km from Galway city, is based at the An Tulach Primary School, the adjacent community hall and football pitch (190 – 210 students).
  • Coláiste Chamuis (Ros a’Mhíl Halla) 39km from Galway city, is based at the Ros a’ Mhíl local community centre and nearby football grounds (140-160 students).
  • Coláiste Chamuis (Ros a’Mhíl Teálta) 40.5km from Galway city, is the largest centre based at purpose-built facilities provided by the Coláiste (240-260 students).
Age Groups

Coláiste Chamuis caters for all age groups, in secondary school, on all our courses.  Cúrsa A1 and A2 are two week courses, and Cúrsa B and C are three week courses.


Parents are welcome to visit their children twice during the course – on the second and third Sunday. The student can be collected at the college only from 11.00a.m. on the visiting day. The student must return to the college again by 6p.m.

Students will not be allowed to leave for periods during the course except in exceptional circumstances. This is in everybody’s interest and ensures that all students gain maximum benefit and enjoyment from the course.

An Ghaeilge

The only way to learn a language properly, quickly and effectively is to immerse yourself totally in the environment of that language. If you speak English, you won’t learn Irish – it’s as simple as that. So at Coláiste Chamuis Riail na Gaeilge is a critical rule. Students must speak Irish at all times. These rules are strictly enforced and parents are advised not to send their children to Coláiste Chamuis if they are not prepared to comply with this. This rule ensures that all students achieve their potential. Failure to comply with Riail na Gaeilge will result in a student being asked to leave the course.


Students are supervised at all times. For safety reasons students do not go anywhere alone. Students are not permitted to leave the college, the premises or the host families’ premises without permission. Leaving any of the above premises is a serious breach of our code of conduct. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a student being asked to leave the course.

Pre-course Meetings

We conduct pre-course meetings for all students (accompanied by a parent/legal guardian) in order to introduce you to the aims and methods of Coláiste Chamuis, and also to answer any queries you may have about our courses. All new students are also interviewed so we can obtain some idea of each applicant’s standard of Irish. This is necessary to be able to put each student in the appropriate class. Parent/guardian and student must arrive at the allocated time and must remain for the duration of the pre-course meeting.

We cannot accept students on a course who do not attend a pre-course meeting accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Can friends stay in the same house?

It is Coláiste Chamuis policy not to house friends or family members together due to the total immersion nature of the course. Habits of a lifetime cannot be changed overnight in terms of language. Nearly 50 years of experience has shown us that students are under less pressure in a full immersion language environment where there is separate housing for students who are used to speaking English to each other. There is a much less likely chance that they will speak English to each other and as a result they benefit much more from the language course. Our policy of limiting the numbers of students from the same year in the same school on each course is also a pivotal factor in delivering a full immersion language environment.

It is also of huge social benefit in the overall course experience for students. It can be off-putting for students attending on their own (as many do to Coláiste Chamuis) to see groups of friends attending together. Students grow more socially in an environment where they are all on a level playing field. We strive to create an positive social environment (with many practices and techniques fine-tuned over the years) whereby all students get to know each other within the first 2-3 days thereby eliminating the risk of cliques and social exclusion.

No mixing of males and females is permitted within our accommodation system.


A vital part of the running of the college, cinnirí are older students who are typically past pupils of the Coláiste. Students are invited to become Cinnire’s in recognition of their efforts and leadership abilities. Cinnirí are both students and leaders at the same time. The Cinnire is a link between either students and teachers or between students and the Bean an Tí.

Mobile Phones

Students are allowed their mobile phone for 30 minutes each Friday. Mobile phones are not allowed during the course, except for the allocated time on Fridays. Possession of a mobile phone is considered a serious breach of discipline. Parents are asked to ensure that students comply. Cooperation is expected from everyone in Coláiste Chamuis at all times. Contact with your child can be facilitated through the college phone should it be necessary.

Instruments and Sports Equipment

Musical instruments or sports equipment are welcome. All parents, guardians and students need to be advised that the college will not be responsible to any damage made to any equipment’s named above.

Can I contact the student?

Yes, you can speak to your child during the week if needed. The course telephone number will be available for all parents. If you need to speak to the student the college will make every effort to arrange this, within a reasonable timeframe.

Theme nights

We host Céilí’s as part of the afternoon activities, and these include themed céilí’s such as a Céilí Dubh & Bán, Céilí Gléasta, Oíche na gContaetha, Céilí na Nollag and many more.

Pocket Money

There is no need for much pocket money at Coláiste Chamuis, as students will not be going to the shops each day. There might be days out, or tours, where they might have access to a shop for some treats.


Coláiste Chamuis does not organise transport to or from the courses. All transport during the course is provided for and included in the fee.


Public and private healthcare is accessed as required and as per availability. Students’ medical needs are always given utmost priority. Medical costs are borne by parents/ guardians.

Coláiste Chamuis carries out a health and safety “health risk assessment” for students with certain medical conditions. This is done on a case-by-case basis and is carried out in the best interest of the health and safety of the student. Cases do arise where Coláiste Chamuis may be unable to safely meet the medical needs of a student in our course environment. In these incidences, details are discussed with the parent and a full refund of all course fees is immediately issued. Coláiste Chamuis reserves the right to deny registration to applicants suffering from serious illness or underlying health conditions (including after a booking is confirmed). Further information can be obtained by contacting the office.

Student Behaviour

Coláiste Chamuis reserves the right to discipline or expel a student in the event of behaviour deemed inappropriate and/or non-compliance with the code of conduct.

Good conduct is expected of each student and the code of conduct will be strictly implemented. Students will be liable for any damage caused to Coláiste Chamuis property, school property or any other property belonging to Coláiste Chamuis employees, during the duration of a course.

Any activity deemed to be illegal or criminal will result in a full investigation and immediate dismissal, where deemed necessary. Such activities include: criminal damage, smoking, cigarette possession, drug/alcohol possession or consumption. Vaping is also strictly prohibited. This is not an exhaustive list. Coláiste Chamuis reserves its right to contact an Garda Síochána to report any criminal or illegal act.

Insurance cover in relation to personal items

Coláiste Chamuis do not provide insurance for students’ personal belongings. Coláiste Chamuis cannot be responsible for the child’s personal property and it is not possible to obtain insurance cover for items such as clothing, make-up/toiletries, jewellery, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. All children will be responsible for their own personal belongings and we suggest that they do not lend them to other children. Coláiste Chamuis advises students to place their names (as declared on their application form) on all property, including all medicines. We do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen property at any stage of the course and are not obliged to retain lost property in any location

Coláiste Chamuis has public liability insurance but it is in the best interests of all students to also have personal accident insurance cover. ‘Pupil Personal Accident Insurance’ may be available through your school.  Students with the 24 Hour option are covered for accidents that might occur in Coláiste Chamuis, that may not, otherwise, be covered.

Dietary Requirements – Fee Supplement

Should any student require a Coeliac, Dairy Free or Vegan Diet, a supplement fee will apply for the course.  This dietary supplement fee will be passed directly to the Bean an Tí to cover the additional cost of the accommodating these specific dietary requirements.  A dietary supplement fee of €50 will apply for a 2-week course.  A dietary supplement fee of €80 will apply for a 3-week course.

Dismissal from the course

In line with the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, “Scéim na bhFoghlaimeoirí Gaeilge”, Coláiste Chamuis has an appeals procedure in place which can be availed of.

  • I sent all my kids to Coláiste Chamuis over the years and they all came home with a genuine love for Irish, learned a lot, and wanted to return.

    Mícheál, Sligeach
  • Cairde,cuimhní agus craic – na laethanta is fearr riamh. Bealach iontach le Gaeilge a fhoghlaim.

    Gillian, Gaillimh
  • My husband, Joe and I would like to express our sincerest 'Go raibh míle maith agaibh' for the wonderful first experience our son L had at Coláiste Chamuis, Halla A2 and your prompt communication with us when L was sick. We really appreciate it. May I also say that L's bean agus fear an tí were also spoken very highly of by L. He is already ag caint about returning next summer! Go raibh míle maith agaibh arís!

    Gerelynn & Joe B
  • I would like to thank you all most sincerely for the wonderful experience E had this year.  Her confidence in speaking as Gaeilge as well as her general knowledge of the language came on in leaps and bounds during the three weeks. Her bean an tí was exceptional and we are very grateful to her for looking after E so well while she was there.  The craic and camaraderie that E experienced while there is unique to the Gaeltacht and she made so many wonderful memories that, I'm sure, she will treasure for life. Go raibh mile maith agaibh go léir.

    Patricia C
  • I would like to express my thanks to all of the tutors and helpers, and particularly the Bean an Ti, for the care and attention shown to my daughter A. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and her Irish has come on so well. It is a core memory that will live with her forever. And these are the memories that count. Thank you all.

    Pauline F