Summer Courses

Summer Courses
@ Coláiste Chamuis

Coláiste Chamuis has been running successful Gaeltacht courses since 1973. Our motto is ‘Is fiú agus is féidir’, ‘Yes, we can, and it is worthwhile’. We introduce our students to Irish as a living language in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our students learn through active participation in fun activities. They significantly improve their own level of fluency in Irish and acquire a genuine love for the language and Irish Culture. Our students also make life-long friendships and memories during their courses with us.

A Day in Coláiste Chamuis

Pre Course Meeting

All first-time students coming to Coláiste Chamuis are required to attend a pre-course meeting. All students must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at this pre-course meeting as parents/guardians will be required to sign documents regarding their children’s’ health, safety and welfare.

For information on what happens at the pre-course meeting please click on the video.


Coláiste Chamuis has a unique system of cinnireacht or student leadership. The Cinnirí are the backbone of An Coláiste as they are both students and leaders at the same time. Essentially, a Cinnire is a person who leads those in his/her group by inspiring them to follow rather than by trying to get them to do something. The good Cinnire leads by example and will say ‘come on’ rather than ‘go on’.

There is a Cinnire Tí in each house, and all groups have a Cinnire also – walking groups, games groups etc. This gives the students themselves an active part in the running of the course and develops many interpersonal and leadership skills in our students.

Cinnirí are usually in the older age-bracket in An Coláiste and have themselves progressed through our system of cinnireacht. They help new and younger students integrate into the course.



Students stay in the homes of Irish-speaking families, and thus you will hear Irish as it is spoken naturally. This brings the language to life, and you will learn a lot through speaking with and listening to members of your host family.

All the houses in which students stay are registered with the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. They must adhere to departmental regulations concerning health, safety, numbers and language use.

Our local hosts families open their hearts and their doors to some 1,700 students annually. The students are treated as their own and get to experience Gaeilge and the Gaeltacht as a vibrant living breathing community.

  • I sent all my kids to Coláiste Chamuis over the years and they all came home with a genuine love for Irish, learned a lot, and wanted to return.

    Mícheál, Sligeach
  • Cairde,cuimhní agus craic – na laethanta is fearr riamh. Bealach iontach le Gaeilge a fhoghlaim.

    Gillian, Gaillimh

Cúrsa A1 / A2

A1 Teálta and Halla Centres, Ros a’ Mhíl
A2 Teálta and Halla Centres, Ros a’ Mhíl

A1 04/06/23– 17/06/23
A2 18/06/23 – 01/07/23

Cúrsa B

Ros a’ Mhíl Centre,
An Tulach Centre,
Camus Centre

2/07/23 – 22/07/23

Cúrsa C

Ros a’ Mhíl Centre,
An Tulach Centre,
Camus Centre

23/07/23 – 12/08/23