Traffic Management Policy and Mobility Management Policy

Coláiste Chamuis has operated within the Galway Gaeltacht for over 47 years and these Mobility Management policies (MMP) and Transport Management Plans (TMP) are a key part of how the College has built and maintains a safe, healthy and stimulating campus environment located within the Galway Gaeltacht, which has a proud tradition of facilitating student fluency as Gaeilge.

The purpose of the College’s MMP and TMP is to carefully co-ordinate the management of the College campus in a way that reduces demand for and use of cars, by increasing the attractiveness and practicality of other modes of transport and by reducing the environmental impact of transport on the Staff, Parents, Students and the local community in the immediate vicinity of the college campus.

The MMP and TMP are well established and dynamic policies that are carefully monitored and reviewed by the College. Their function is to provide a safe and more conducive working environment for Students, Teachers and Visitors in a way that promotes an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy College campus for all.

During the teaching term at the College, the Management team operates the following Mobility Management and Traffic Management policies;

Parents, Students, Staff and Service providers are provided with a copy of the College’s MMP and TMP in advance of each college course.

The College has a dedicated Community Liaison Officer (CLO) who acts as a contact point with local residents in the vicinity of the college to ensure that the Traffic Management policies are rigorously implemented during the teaching term and to ensure that a harmonious relationship is maintained with the local community.

A strict “One way” system is applied to all vehicular movements on the local road network for the duration of the courses and this policy is adhered to by teaching staff, parents and by the private coaches arranged by the college to transports students to and from the Teálta na hÓige campus.

A strict “20 KMPH” speed limit is applied to all vehicular movements on the local road network in the immediate vicinity of the Teálta na hÓige Campus and this policy is adhered to by college staff, local service providers, visitors and private coach operators that service the college.

At peak traffic times during term time, such as on “Arrival Day”, “Departure Day” or “Visitor Day”, the College employ dedicated Traffic Management staff to man the local road network and to guide Parents to the dedicated drop off and collection points; All Staff wear “Hi Visibility” Jackets so that they are readily identifiable at all times.

Parking at the Teálta na hÓige campus by Parents or Visitors is strictly prohibited and Parents and Students are advised of this policy when booking the College Courses. All Traffic movements in the immediate vicinity of the College are restricted to “Drop off and Collection” only.

Private coach and bus parking is located immediately outside of the main entrance to the College Campus.

Carparking within the curtilage of the college is carefully controlled in the best interests of child health and safety purposes and vehicular access to the campus is restricted to service vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Carparking at the campus is restricted to Staff parking only and dedicated parking zones are located immediately outside the main campus boundary and within the curtilage of the adjoining Staff accommodation building known as “Tí Mheaig”.

Teaching staff are encouraged to “carpool” or to utilise the private coaches which transport the students to and from the college so as to further minimise the number of vehicle movements on the local road network at peak morning and evening periods. Teaching staff are also encouraged to utilise carsharing, public transport, cycling and walking as alternatives to drive-alone journeys to work.

Where geographically possible, students are also encouraged to cycle or walk to the campus. Students are encouraged to use private coaches that the college arranges to transport students to the college from their local host family accommodation.